IG Services


IG Guaranty

Before incorporating new properties on the web, our team personally reviews each of them. Only 1 in 5 apartments is selected by IN Global.

IG Investment

We advise you on your investment so that you get the highest ROI.

IG Attorney

Our legal department reviews all contracts before signing and advises you to achieve a successful operation without risks.

Selected Properties

We have the property that meets the requirements you are looking for and with high quality standards .

Qualified Personnel

Highly qualified sales team with your preferred language (English, Russian, Spanish,…) that will accompany you throughout the process of buying / selling your property.

Customized services

Your purchase process includes advice from our financial team that will accompany you throughout the purchase process and even help you find the best rate on your mortgage loan.



Phone Number

+1 (809) 258-8527


Dominican Republic

Hours of operation

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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