The mythical Coco Bongo nightclub, immortalized in the comedy film “The Mask” (yes, in the one in which a green-faced Jim Carrey and a yellow suit dances with the stunning Cameron Díaz to the rhythm of congas and trumpets), began with its first, and today its main headquarters, in Cancun (Mexico).

In 1996, when the businessman who created Coco Bongo, Roberto Noble, opened his nightclub in Cancun, a place consecrated as one of the most popular beach and tourist destinations of the moment, he did not only think of dance and music for his nightclub. The man wanted to bring the best of live shows and merge it with the magic of the most iconic movies and the most memorable acrobatic and musical shows. The result? All an explosive mix of adrenaline, surprise and fun.

Some time later and after a resounding success, Coco Bongo made its expansion plans a reality and opened a second point in Playa del Carmen, this one is also in Mexico. But thanks to the reception by tourists who traveled from all over the world interested in living a complete experience of dance, fun and madness, it was possible for a third venue to be inaugurated, this time not in Mexico, but in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

2014 was the year in which Coco Bongo Punta Cana officially opened, almost 16 years after the Cancun headquarters were inaugurated, where everything was born. With the experience behind two nightclubs in Mexico, the one that opened in the Dominican Republic is located in what is one of the most paradisiacal beach areas in the country, in the Bávaro area, Verón. Said place, apart from the fact that it is an epicenter of Caribbean tourism due to the beauty of its landscapes, is an area close to the Punta Cana International Airport and an area that has a large number of hotels and resorts so that travelers can enjoy their experience. in the most comfortable way.

In this way, to fill the exotic beaches of the Caribbean with emotion, music and dance, Coco Bongo is present in three of its most important and touristic places. And it is that leaving Mexico was one of the most ambitious projects of the executives.

The choice of Punta Cana for the third opening of the popular nightclub was made taking into account that this is today the most touristic destination in the Caribbean. The large number of visitors that this area of ​​the Dominican Republic receives annually indicates its position as the place to vacation par excellence. At the time, Coco Bongo’s corporate PR director referred to the new nightclub as the “best project in the best of places”.

“Punta Cana has the same qualities as Cancun, with more than 35,000 hotel rooms and the largest movement of tourists in the entire Dominican Republic,” the executive told the local media in the Dominican Republic.

The shows make Coco Bongo unique

The disco offers an immersion in an idyllic atmosphere that fills with color and extravagance as the night goes by. The show is amazing thanks to its effects and perfect coordination, in addition to the fact that the local actors and dancers, who embody movie and music stars, will make sure that the attendees have the funniest night of their lives.

Undoubtedly, the imitations and allusions to musical shows such as those of Moulin Rouge, Chicago and The Phantom of the Opera give a differentiating factor to the experience offered by Coco Bongo. Attendees can also dance, sing and take photos with Batman, the Mask and Spiderman, as well as celebrity impersonations of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and more.

Attendees who wish to live a night full of color and fun can find at Coco Bongo Punta Cana (the youngest in the family, but not the least successful) a series of live shows that leave everyone who sees them speechless. for the first time. There is no doubt that this is an unforgettable experience that combines several of the most iconic Hollywood movies in a party-show, with well-remembered plays and Broadway musicals.

But the magic of this would not be possible without the technology of the place. The Coco Bongo of Punta Cana has a high investment of more than 10 thousand dollars that allows it to have a display of lighting equipment, screens and sound that are decisive for the quality of its shows.

The club presents a series of light shows and videos during the night that make it possible to have an experience full of emotion by evoking presentations that take Tron or Saturday Night Fever as a reference and fill the place with color and adrenaline.

The mix of shows with videos, acrobatics, dances and many surprises make the Coco Bongo party unique, since few places in the world guarantee this component of an explosion of fun. This is what makes every night unrepeatable.

The incredible characteristics of Coco Bongo.

The Coco Bongo Punta Cana has three levels inside, type stands, which give a total of 4,016 square meters of space. Of these, 535 of them are available for the enjoyment of the public, thus the place has the capacity to accommodate some 1,600 people in its different spaces. For example, the entertainment and dance areas and the Bar Boutique, present in the nightclubs of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. This is an area that opens before noon so attendees can enjoy drinks, coffees, and delicious meals while watching their favorite sports matches.

The disco, only available to adults, currently works with two types of admission. One is by buying the entrance ticket, which can be online or on site, and the other way is by purchasing a special ticket, which the organizers call “Gold Member”. Although the latter brings benefits such as VIP areas, both tickets allow access to the shows with the possibility of an open bar. Remember that you can rent your vacation apartment in Punta Cana through our website in just a couple of clicks.

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