IG Services

Your connection to dominicana

WiFi in all apartments

In each and every one of our apartments, we take care that you are able enjoy WiFi connection and that it works correctly, so that you can connect at all times.

Our IG Concierge at your disposal

Your IG Concierge is the person who will be by your side since you book with us and until after you have left the apartment. They will be there to help you with everything you need, and will make your stay unforgettable

Selected Apartments

Because your comfort is our main concern, our team personally checks all the apartments before making them available to you. IG Guaranty


Get to your apartment or move around the area comfortably with our transfer service.

Terms and conditions:

Service no show (service reservation and no-show) Service of stop in the mall to make purchases 15 USD We remind you that IG Services acts only as an intermediary, so we cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the supplier.


Punta Cana Airport Apartments

(up to 5 passengers) 40 USD


Punta Cana Airport Apartments

(from 5 to 10 passengers) 60 USD


Punta Cana Airport Apartments

(+10 passengers) 10 USD/person


Who hasn’t wanted to get to their apartment and not have to worry about filling the fridge? Coffee, milk, fruit, toiletries… Don’t worry about anything, you will find your shopping ready in the apartment at the time of your arrival.


I’m sure you like the feeling of returning home and finding the beds made, the bathroom tidy and the towels perfectly placed. It may sound like a luxury hotel, but with IG Services we put it at your fingertips.
Request your cleaning the day and time that best suits you, to have whenever you want your apartment ready as new:

– Surface cleaning
– Making of beds
– Dishwashing
– Arrangement of objects in each room
– Scrubbing floors
– Bathroom cleaning

From 25 USD (depending on the size of the apartment)


Don’t get lost in the pile of dirty clothes! Has your favourite t-shirt got dirty? You have a dinner and wrinkled clothes from being in the suitcase? Leave it to us! We clean and prepare your clothes so that you shine in the Dominican Republic. 33 USD/load of laundry

Spa and Beauty

And because we know that when we go on holiday we love to relax and look beautiful, we want to pamper your stay with great beauty treatments, massages and spa circuits.



Phone Number

+1 (809) 258-8527


Dominican Republic

Hours of operation

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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