Saona Island

You can’t leave the Dominican Republic without visiting Isla Saona. It has one of the most famous beaches in the country, known for its white sand, turquoise water and palm trees. 

For this tour, we will leave the apartments at approximately 7:00 am in our comfortable buses to Bayahibe. From there we will depart to the Island in our speedboats where we will stop at the natural swimming pool to observe and appreciate the starfish. Upon arrival to the island we will enjoy a delicious Dominican buffet lunch, some delicious drinks and the beautiful beach.

The return will be made in our Catamaran to the rhythm of Caribbean music and with all the fun of our animation staff, also enjoying a few delicious drinks and a relaxing return to Bayahibe.

Dolphin island

This program is designed for anyone who wants to live an educational experience with these wonderful animals and our trainers, spending a great time playing with dolphins. You will have the opportunity to grab their dorsal fins, and of course, have a kiss which you will remember for the rest of your life.

Approximate time in the water: 20 minutes, observing and interacting with dolphins.

  • This program has been designed for a maximum group of 12 people.
  • There is a dolphin dedicated to each group.

The program is designed for all types of swimmers. From beginners to experts.


  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate.
  • The minimum height to participate in this program is 90 cm (2′ 11 in).
  • Children between 90cm (2′ 11 in) and 120cm (3’ 11 in) high must be accompanied by an adult family member.
  • In this activity you can expect some of the following behaviors: Fin squeeze, kisses, caresses, jumps, singing, spinning, applause and Goodbye.

Dolphin Action Program – Price per person: 155 USD

We want you to have the best experience of your life. In the Action Program you will have the great opportunity to learn about the anatomy of the dolphin, as well as other very interesting aspects of this intelligent mammal. You will also have the opportunity to get the sweetest kiss and hug from the sea as well as share a few minutes of free swimming. This magical program will have an estimated duration in the water of 25 minutes.

  • This program was designed for a maximum of 12 people per group.
  • There is a dolphin dedicated to each group.
  • The program is designed for all types of swimmers. From beginners to experts.
  • This program increases your excitement, including swimming with Sharks and Stingrays.


  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this program.
  • The minimum height to participate in this program is 110 cm (3’ 7 in).

In this activity clients can expect some of the following behaviors:  Fin squeeze, kisses, caresses, jumps, singing, spinning, applause, goodbye and free interaction time.

Dolphin Royal Swim – Price per person: 195 USD

Pure emotion! The Dolphin Royal Swim is the most complete swim with dolphins program in Punta Cana. It is a very dynamic, varied and active program where you can experience the magical energy of not one, but two loving dolphins. The interactive program includes a great variety of behaviors, among which you can enjoy the Dorsal Drag, in which two dolphins pull you through crystal clear water while you grab their dorsal fins.

The dolphins will welcome you, give you a handshake, hugs and kisses. You can also enjoy the exciting Foot Push, where two dolphins lift you to the water’s surface, pushing you from the bottom of your feet with their nose; or you can be propelled by the famous Abdominal Drag, where you grab the dolphin’s paddles and crawl across the water’s surface while it navigates backwards through the water.

  • This magical program will have an estimated water time of 45 minutes.
  • It has been designed for a maximum of 10 people per group.
  • There are two dolphins for each group.
  • It is designed for people who can swim.
  • As an additional activity, you will have the incredible opportunity to swim and dive with sharks and Stingrays.


  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this program.
  • The minimum height to participate in this program is 120 cm (3’ 11 in).


In this activity clients can expect some of the following behaviors: Fin squeeze, kisses, caresses, jumps, singing, turning, applause, goodbye, dorsal drag, foot push or abdominal drag and free time interaction.

Los Haitises + Round Mountain

Come and enjoy the richest encounter with nature and indigenous culture!

The journey begins at the Sabana de La Mar pier on board of a boat, in which we will sail towards San Lorenzo Bay where the largest mangrove forest in the American Continent is located: LOS HAITISES NATIONAL PARK. Here, the endemic birds, their different ecosystems, and swamps make this place a perfect location to live an ECO TOURISTIC experience, and take with you the most impressive photographic memories.

This ecological park contains the greatest potential of groundwater, forming a mixture of fresh and salt water where crabs, oysters, carp and shrimp live. Its lush vegetation will take us for a walk through the different caves where the Pirates of the Caribbean hid their treasures

Get to know the community of Las Lisas, where the people reflect their hospitality with a smile. Here we will visit a typical house, where there will be a demonstration of how they work with coffee and cocoa in a traditional way. You will also see plantations of different types of fruits which you can taste. In our jeeps we will reach the top of the Round Mountain, emotion and adrenaline will be present in this place. From here, we will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of two lagoons, Samana Bay, and the Eastern Cordillera. We will admire nature in all its splendor.

Then we’ll visit a fishing village, between the beach and a river of crystalline waters where we will take a bath. Later we’ll have lunch in the same beach, where the fishermen will bring us fresh shrimps and crabs!

After a deserved rest, we will make a slalom with our boat until arriving at a 2nd cave where we will be able to observe the petroglyphs in its walls. We will finish our tour in a virgin beach inside the Bay, where we will be able to observe the starfish.

Includes: Transportation to and from your apartment, authorized guide, sea transportation, national drinks and buffet lunch.

Bring: swimsuit or bikini, towel, sunscreen and repellent.

Note: Not suitable for people with difficulty walking.

Departure day: Friday

Adult Price: 139 USD

Child Price: 69 USD

Coco Bongo Disco

The most entertaining nightclub arrived in Punta Cana. In Coco Bongo Disco you will be able to dance, listen to music from all eras and watch impressive shows while enjoying some delicious drinks.


Tuesday:  60 Usd Women – 70 Usd Men

Wednesday and Thursday:  70 Usd

Friday and Saturday:  75 Usd

Sunday:  60 Usd Women – 70 Usd Men


  • Transportation to and from your hotel
  • Admission
  • Show
  • Unlimited National Drinks from 11.00 pm to 3.30 am


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays: 135 USD


  • Transportation to and from your apartment (Departures from Bayahibe to Coco Bongo Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, additional 15 USD for transportation)
  • Express ticket
  • Shows
  • Access to the VIP area with a maximum capacity of 140 people
  • Unlimited Premium Drinks from 11.00 pm to 4.00 am

Santo Domingo + Altos De Chavón

Note: Only private service with a minimum of 2 people.

We will depart early in the morning in our comfortable buses to La Romana to make our first stop in Altos de Chavón.

Altos de Chavón is an architectural marvel, a replica of a Mediterranean villa from the 16th century, on the river Chavón. The villa was designed by the Dominican architect José Antonio Caro and created by the great Italian designer and cinematographer, Roberto Coppa. The Dominican artisans made by hand the stone paths, the iron decoration, the furniture and the charming buildings, reviving some works in metal and carved stones that seemed forgotten. Under Coppa’s direction, each stone was hand-cutted, each wooden frame and detail in forged iron were also handmade. 

The construction of the villa began in 1976 and was inaugurated in 1982 with a concert in the amphitheatre with Frank Sinatra. Walk its stone streets and enjoy the greatness of the architecture of yesteryear, all while admiring every detail and the immense quality of the handmade craftsmanship. With picturesque shops, boutiques, art galleries, gourmet restaurants and an archeological museum, these are just some of the samples of the world waiting for you among the colorful cliffs of Altos de Chavón. 

Today, this amazing village is home to restaurants, boutiques, museums and the Altos de Chavón Design School, affiliated with Parsons School of Art and Design in New York.

Then we will continue to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Walking along the narrow roads of Yesterday, we will visit the origin of the New World, where at the beginning of the XV century the first colonial houses were built, the Colonial City; We will pay homage to the Primate Cathedral of the Americas, birthplace of a fervent Catholic faith; We will visit the National Pantheon, Monument of historical importance because it was a Jesuit church, and then became a final resting place for many outstanding Dominican characters. We will also take a walk through the Alcázar de Colón, which will take you back to the time of the first Spanish conquistadors.

The full day excursion also includes a typical lunch in a famous Dominican restaurant, to savor our typical dishes.

Price per Adult: 150 USD


IG Services

Because we don’t want you to just stay in our apartments, we want you to live them.


Here are the prices of the service:

  • Punta Cana Airport Apartments (up to 5 passengers) 40 USD
  • Punta Cana Airport Apartments (from 5 to 10 passengers) 60 USD
  • Punta Cana Airport Apartments (+10 passengers) 10 USD/person

Terms and conditions:

  • Service no show (service reservation and no-show)
  • Service of stop in the mall to make purchases 15 USD

We remind you that IG Services acts only as an intermediary, so we cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by the supplier.


Who hasn’t wanted to get to their apartment and not have to worry about filling the fridge?

Coffee, milk, fruit, toiletries…

Don’t worry about anything, you will find your shopping ready in the apartment at the time of your arrival.


Don’t get lost in the pile of dirty clothes! Has your favourite t-shirt got dirty? You have a dinner and wrinkled clothes from being in the suitcase?

Leave it to us! We clean and prepare your clothes so that you shine in the Dominican Republic. 33 USD/load of laundry


I’m sure you like the feeling of returning home and finding the beds made, the bathroom tidy and the towels perfectly placed. It may sound like a luxury hotel, but with IG Services we put it at your fingertips.

  • Request your cleaning the day and time that best suits you, to have whenever you want your apartment ready as new:
  • Surface cleaning
  • Making of beds
  • Dishwashing
  • Arrangement of objects in each room
  • Scrubbing floors
  • Bathroom cleaning from 25 USD (depending on the size of the apartment)

Spa and Beauty

And because we know that when we go on holiday we love to relax and look beautiful, we want to pamper your stay with great beauty treatments, massages and spa circuits.