When I arrived in the Dominican Republic 7 years ago, after a 6-month hotel experience in Cuba, I was able to discover that within the management of apartments for vacation rentals, there was a great job to do.

The first thing I found when looking for my home was that the sector was not sufficiently developed to cover both the needs of apartment owners and the needs of guests who come to the country to enjoy their vacations in a very different environment than the All Inclusive so crowded in the Punta Cana area. Many of the properties remained closed, since the owners did not dare to give up the management of their property since they could not have “control” over it to because of the distance (the majority are foreign or Dominican investors who live outside the country). Knowing that this lack of control and/or transparency was one of the basic needs of the owners, we created IN Global Resolution.

With Caribbean-Vacation Rentals we wanted to guarantee (Guaranty) our owners a 360º management of their property (integral management) in which the owner only has to worry about collecting his income and the guest to pack his suitcase, we take care of the rest. Once the investor acquires the desired property, the big question comes, what now?

Who do I give the management of my property to?

How will I know if my property is rented?

At what price is it renting?

Who is going to guarantee the maintenance of my apartment and/or villa?

The answer is: Caribbean-Vacation Rentals. Caribbean-Vacation Rentals has unique tools in the Dominican Republic market that allow us to optimize prices in order to obtain the best results. Our team will maximize the income of your real estate property through the connection of our Channel Manager that allows us to make your property visible in more than 30 international portals, more than 1000 web pages in Europe and thousands of travel agencies.

Massive advertising on Google and bing search engines among others, for all important search terms. We take care of all the reservation procedures.

We maintain continuous communication with guests and carry out all formalities including payment settlement. With our Guaranty (360º management) your main concern will be to see what profitability you are having each month.

Registration and advertising are completely free. Only in case of confirmed reservation we invoice a commission for the management of the property. For this we will give you access to an App so that you can have it on your mobile phone where you will be able to see the calendar of your apartment and/or villa in real time, see the occupation and block the calendar for when you want to come to enjoy the beaches of the Dominican Republic.

When you come to enjoy, your Guest Global Manager will personally carry out all the steps so that you find your house ready with all your personal belongings prepared so that you do not have to travel with them.

Our Transfer service can pick you up at the airport and take you home. For Caribbean-Vacation Rentals our main objective is that both our owners and our guests receive a comprehensive 5-star service. Our services for owners, in addition to the basic services of: profitability plan, cleaning, laundry, marketing plan,… We offer you exclusive services such as: Services (local expert), international marketing and WEB positioning, access to international channels such as Homes & Villas with Marriot, apartment or villa maintenance, revenue management, key account manager, decoration advisory team that will help you go to the next level with a special, attractive and comfortable apartment that guests will feel at home.

The tourist who seeks to stay in an apartment and / or villa instead of an All Inclusive hotel is because he wants to experience the city as a regular resident and be part of the routine of the area where the apartment is located. And what makes us different so that guests decide to stay in a Caribbean-Vacation Rentals property? From the first contact by the guest we follow up on your requests and questions.

We have a 100% response rate in less than 24 hours. Once the reservation is formalized, we manage all the requests and coordinate the arrival at the house so that your reception is produced with the highest quality. We carry out a personalized check-in by our key account manager of the area, giving you a specialized welcome, who will hand over the keys, offer you information about all the specifications of the house and the area.

Also, depending on the needs of the guests, we will recommend all those activities suitable for their Experience trip (recommendation and sale of the best excursions in the area), Services such as car rental, restaurant recommendation and delivery service.

Our cleaning service is highly specialized for tourist homes. We have standardized the process to achieve an excellent presentation of the home upon arrival of the guest, making reality equal to or greater than the expectation created through the profiles. The sum of all these services makes our properties have the best guest rating. Under the Caribbean-Vacation Rentals brand, your investment is in the best hands.

Our experience in property management for vacation rental guarantees the integrity of your property (Guaranty). We invite you to discover Caribbean-Vacation Rentals management, the comprehensive management of your property.

Welcome to the Caribbean-Vacation Rentals family, from a project that began with 8 apartments and that left great friendships in many countries: Canada, USA, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico. , Panama,… thanks to the trust placed in us and the work of the entire team, this small family is no longer so small.

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