Searching for housing can become a full-time arduous task and much more so now that the real estate market is becoming more and more extensive, that is why when someone embarks on this path, the most frequent question is: where do I start?

You could start by visiting the sales rooms of real estate projects, or go neighborhood by neighborhood looking for the “FOR SALE” signs, you will surely find the ideal property for you, but only after having traveled almost the entire city and having spent whole days in this process.

However, why complicate yourself so much? We are in the XXI century, today you can buy a house in a more practical way, thus optimizing your time and even money, thanks to the digital platforms that are available today.

The “proptech” have gained strength since 2012, these companies are dedicated to innovating the real estate sector, through technology. Now looking for a house does not have to become an odyssey.

Thanks to technology and of course, the internet, countless possibilities have been opened up that previously required many more resources.

Here are some things you can do from the comfort of your home, using your computer or mobile phone:

1. Publish your property for rent in one of these portals.

2. Calculate the value of the fees you will pay for a mortgage loan.

3. Request recommendations from other users on social networks.

4. Buy or sell furniture at great prices.

This is one more proof of the power that technology has and how it can make our lives easier if we use it in the right way. We have all gotten used to doing things differently than they were done 10 years ago and this also applies to the search for a property.

At IN Global Resolution, we strive daily to provide you with personalized advice, taking advantage of all the advantages that technology offers us, without neglecting the human factor.

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